Lucie Jones in blue lingerie stripping for you

Lucie Jones

Lucie Jones is the gorgeous blonde stunner who is a fairly new addition to the glamour model world and a very welcome one at that. Even though she hasn’t been a babeshows for long she has certainly been making a big splash in her short time on the show so far, hence why she has scooped the much coveted title of ‘Babe of the Month’ back in March 2018. ‘I love working for Babestation’ She says, ‘It beats waitressing any day’.

Rather than staying in watching X Factor or Eurovision, Lucie Jones describes herself as a ‘total wild child’ and loves to go out drinking and partying with her friends. She recounts a time where she had a particularly crazy night and says “I once remember climbing up on the bar after a few too many shots and flashing the crowd my tits. If my friend hadn’t of pulled me down I might’ve ended up stripping naked. I’m crazy like that.” 

Topless flashing on a night out makes it easier to show off on webcam and if you get Lucie on a private show you could get more than what those lucky bar patrons got! Lucie loves to tease with her ass feet and even her pussy. If you ever get the chance to chat to this ultra hot babe, I strongly recommend you do as her softly spoken voice will have you dripping with excitement! Don’t forget to check out her saucy nude pics & vids or cam with her on Babestation Cams, where she offers an unforgettable porn star experience!

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