Babe Channels – What Are Babeshows and UK Babechannels?

Way back in 2002, Babestation first hit UK TV. At the time, it was a brand new concept. Sexy British babes on screen, waiting to take phone calls from horny guys at home. The show was an instant hit, with Babestation quickly taking over several channels, and competitor channels and shows springing up. You could not turn on Sky TV in the 2000s without seeing a busty babe shaking a phone at the screen!


Classic Babechannel Babes


The last 20 years have seen hundreds of babes become adult stars after starting their careers on Babe channels and babeshows. Classic babeshow babes built up massive fanbases, and still now are in demand. Get classic babe channel babe content right here on!

Karina Currie

Tammy Oldham

Amber Jade

Dani O’Neal

Amanda Rendall


Modern Babe Channel Babes


Whilst most of the babe channels have gone away, the original, Babestation, is still on TV, and they have now become the number 1 webcam site in the UK. The classic babe channel TV format can still be seen on the website, and babeshow babes are still the favourite of British men – so the babe channels continue to make stars! Check out the modern babe channel babes below.

Amber Paige

Missy Leanne

Mia Yasmin

Sophie Hart

Atlanta Moreno


UK Babe Channels


Below you can read more about the various UK babe channels that have aired on UK TV over the years:

Babestation TV

The original babe channel, Babestation invented the babeshow way back in 2003, and are still going strong 2 decades later!



Sexstation was originally known as a Sky TV channel called Live XXX, offering naughtier content than it’s sister show…



Babecall is a babe focused app that lets you view content and interact
with the…



Babenation is the name given to Babestation’s main SKY babe channel. Available on channel 906 on SKY and 124 on Freeview…


Red Light Central

Red Light Central was a program featured on multiple Sky TV channels. A leading babe channel of it’s time, the show featured many…


Xpanded TV

Xpanded is a place for people to interact live with babe channel and babeshows models via cam and phone sex. Users can select…


Rampant TV is a site where you can see multiple babe channels and babeshows, and has been bring the best babe content to babe show…


Studio 66

Sadly Studio 66 is no longer with us. But you will find your favourite babes on Babestation TV. Whilst Babestation was the first babe channel, there have been many more over the years, and Studio66 is one of the biggest and longest…


Babechannel Videos

Watch classic and modern babe channel videos right here on

Amanda Rendall Striptease


Morgan Yazmin on Sporttxxx


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